Our customized training programs will empower you to learn, be more confident, and lead.

Conservation Practitioner Program


We train conservation practitioners to get better conservation outputs.


  1. Community Centered Conservation
  2. Animal Behavior/adaptations Study
  3. Conservation Need Assessment
  4. Conservation Tools
  5. Human-wildlife Cohabitation
  6. Stakeholder Engagement

Leadership and Project Implementation Program

Leadership and teamwork are key elements of any working group. Success of any project hinges on the planning process. This program is tailor-made to empower individuals and organizations in their professional development.


  1. Leadership
  2. Team Work and Team Building
  3. Project Planning and Logical Framework
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Critical Analysis

Lesser-known Mammal Ecology and Conservation Program


India has very rich diversity of mammals. While there is great awareness about charismatic species like tigers and elephants; we barely know about existence of rare and unique species like slender loris, smooth-coated otter, giant squirrel, Indian pangolin etc.


  1. Otter Ecology
  2. Pangolin Ecology
  3. Lesser-known mammals of Western Ghats
  4. Urban wildlife
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