We work with individuals, teams and organizations to drive conservation impact projects.

Conservation Star Program


If you are passionate about conservation, and just beginning your journey, we are happy to work with you to achieve measurable conservation outcomes.

Program Value

  1. Set up your conservation project
  2. Build wildlife conservation skills
  3. Conservation entrepreneurship mentoring

This is your opportunity to become an emerging conservation star.

Conservation Solutions Partner to Ecotourism ventures


We can help enhance the value of your ecotourism ventures by providing your customers a meaningful conservation experience.

Collaboration Value

  1. Enhance conservation outcomes
  2. Richer customer experience
  3. Fulfill social responsibilities
  4. Align your activities with UNDP Sustainable Development goals

We work with you to take a step forward to make a long lasting impact. 

Conservation Buddy


An opportunity for wildlife lovers and enthusiasts to join us in our ongoing conservation projects.

Program Value

  1. A self-sustainable project design, to ensure longterm conservation action
  2. Step into the shoes of a conservation scientist
  3. Contribute to make a difference

Be the leaders in redefining conservation



Our speciality is implementing conservation projects at the grassroots level, keeping in mind local social aspects that often turn out to be limiting factors.

Collaboration Value

  1. Resource and skill sharing
  2. Magnify conservation impact
  3. Evidence based impact measurement

As conservation funding is limited, we work on a low cost high impact model

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