We help you begin your wildlife conservation journey

Conservation Action

We collaborate with tourism ventures to improve conservation value & customer experience

Conservation Action

Over 500 people from seven countries trained to conserve wildlife

Our experience

Reached out to over 1500 children to understand and care for the environment

Our experience

Over 250 people introduced to otter ecology

Our experience


More than 100 hours of rare otter footage

Our Work

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What We Do

At Luta Innovation we attempt to bring together conservation knowledge and social entrepreneurship in meaningful ways. Through a multidisciplinary approach we aim to develop innovative solutions that lead to environmental conservation while keeping in mind its social challenges. Our programs are more like collaborative efforts that are designed to create an evidence-based conservation ethic with specific, measurable impacts. To that end, we work with both, individuals and organizations. Our engagement method strives to arrive at conservation solutions together, where we too learn something from your unique experience, as we impart a best-in-class learning experience. We encourage you to put real-life learning before purely academic approaches to achieve your goals.



We guide to develop innovative strategies and solve challenging problems.

Conservation Action

We work with individuals and organizations to execute impact driven projects.


Our customized training programs will empower you to learn, be more confident, and lead.


This space shares our experiences, actions and thoughts in the realm of Conservation, Philanthropy and Personal Development.

Is fishing critical for otter survival in human-modified landscape?


The gallery provides you with an insight into what we do.

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